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Terry Lammers on Growing Your Business Through Acquisitions…

February 19, 2021

Ep #252 - This week on the podcast, I sit down with Terry Lammers, a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and the co-founder of Innovative Business Advisors. Terry grew up watching his parents run a family business in the fuel & lubricants industry before later joining as a full-time employee and ultimately working his way up to become president of the company.

With Terry in charge, TriCounty Petroleum went on to purchase 11 different companies over 18 years as he grew the family business from $750,000 to over $40 million annual revenue before exiting in 2010.

Today, as co-founder and managing member of Innovative Business Advisors, Terry taps into his financial expertise and years of business experience to advise and guide entrepreneurs who are interested in buying companies or selling existing enterprises.

In his new book. "You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know," Terry provides an in-depth examination of the process of buying, growing, and eventually selling a business. Through Terry’s guidance, business owners and aspiring business owners are sure to walk away with a wealth of knowledge and advice to lead them down the path to business success in every stage. Terry's book was named as a top 10 business book to read in 2019 by Forbes Magazine.

In our interview together, we go into the new book and discuss the process of acquiring businesses as part of a growth strategy. This is a powerful conversation that serious entrepreneurs will not want to miss.


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