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So You Need To Write A Book with Helen Chang…

February 12, 2021

Ep #251 - This week on the podacst, I sit down with bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur, Helen Chang, to discuss the power of writing a book as an entrepreneur. Helen is the CEO and Editorial Director of Author Bridge Media where she has assisted more than 400 authors to write, brand and publish their books.

Helen recommends that entrepreneurs write books to boost credibility, grow revenue and create a raving fanbase. As a speaker, Helen has spoken on stages for Cisco, Keyspire Investors Summit, National Speakers Association, Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp and many other live events. Her audiences praise her as a heart-centered and inspiring speaker who delivers powerful content each and every time she speaks.

As an entrepreneur, Helen views her purpose as transforming people’s lives through stories. In her career, she's worked with clients including Michael Gerber of 'The E-Myth' book series, Dani Johnson of ABC’s 'Secret Millionaire', and Scott McGillivray of HGTV’s 'Income Property'. Her author clients have landed interviews with top media outlets, including CNN, CNBC, Fox, Forbes, The View, and The Tim Ferris Podcast. With just one book, one of her clients successfully launched a $100 million empire and that's the power of being a published author.

This is a fascinating interview for ANYONE that's considered writing a book for their business or personal brand. We cover a lot of ground here and you're going to get a ton of value when you listen in.


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