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My Mom Abandoned me at 16 so I Started a Business with Andie Monet

May 21, 2021

EP #265 -This week on the podcast, I'm joined by Andie Monet, Business Strategist, Speaker, and Consultant to organizations like NASA as we discuss My Mom Abandoned me at 16 so I Started a Business.


Andie Monet, the "Take Action" Business Solutions Doctor, helps small businesses diagnose systemic challenges in business growth and finances, and customizes a treatment plan so owners can move from fear and confusion to clarity, confidence, and a thriving business today and for the long-term.


She started her first business at 16 years old to support herself, when she was abandoned by her single mother and left homeless. Now with over 30 years of experience, Andie dedicates her life to passionately supporting other small business owners to achieve their business dreams, specializing in customized financial strategies, business development, and strategic planning.


Andie has worked with multi-billion dollar companies including Monster Beverage Corporation,, World Bank, U.S. TDA, U.S. AID, National Science Foundation, Hollywood producers and musicians, and several hundred small businesses.


A featured speaker at The Best You Expo with Les Brown and Bernardo Moya, and a mentor for Amazing Women Entrepreneurs, Andie has spoken at numerous financial literacy, entrepreneur, and small business events.


She has also been interviewed by


- San Diego Woman Magazine

- Amazing Women Entrepreneurs Media’s Women of Influence

- Adam Torres’ Money Matters podcast

- BestiesInBiz podcast

- Learning from Smart People by Rob Oliver

- Self Love Revolution with Jonathan Troen



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