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Cindy Schulson - Big Company Marketing for Entrepreneurs

October 25, 2018

Ep #76 - Special guest Cindy Schulson sits down with Matt Brauning for interview Friday on this episode of The Purpose Driven Entrepreneur Podcast. Cindy is a marketing expert and the founder of the company "Marketing From Within." Before becoming an entrepreneur, she earned an MBA from the University of Michigan in both Marketing and International Business. Cindy previously worked in Strategic Communications with major companies such as CocaCola and Visa. She now works with coaches, consultants, and service professionals to transform their brilliance into authentic messaging and multiple streams of income. Cindy teaches her clients how to market with heart rather than hype. 

In this interview, Cindy will share about her past and how she got started in the world of marketing. She will also share about her experience working with big companies and what lessons entrepreneurs can take from it. It's a great interview and you will love the heart and message behind her story.

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