The Driven Entrepreneur with Matt Brauning

Dean Cain Interviews Matt Brauning on 5 Superhero Mistakes Every Leader Should Avoid!

December 2, 2021

EP #283 - This week on the podcast I decided to flip the script, and put myself on the hot seat! I had the chance to sit down with Dean Cain (Superman from Lois and Clark) for a TV interview on my friend Craig Duswalt's Rock Your Life TV network. Dean asks me all about the 5 Superhero mistakes every leader must avoid!

As much fun as we had during this interview, the principles behind the playful segment really do hold true. As a leader in your life and your business, you must avoid these 5 mistakes:

#1 - Spiderman Snafu (Hiding behind a mask)

#2 - Mr. Incredible Mistake (Not trusting your team)

#3 - The Ironman Illusion (Thinking you can't be vulnerable)

#4 - Hectic Hulk (Letting your emotions run the show)

#5 - The Superman Screwup (Not knowing your cryptonite)

So I hope you not only enjoy hearing me get interviewed, (and by Superman none the less!) but take these 5 lessons and ask yourself where you may fall into one or more of these in your business or life. Don't make the mistakes these superheroes make! Be your own superhero!


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