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Serah D’Laine - Conscious Lifestylist and Instagram Influencer

March 1, 2019

Ep #105 - I sit down with the Conscious Lifestylist and celebrity coach Serah D'Laine. Serah is a former TV and film actress for 15 years on networks like ABC, CBS and NBC. You've seen her in shows like General Hospital as Dr. Sarah Weber, Cold Case, The American Pie Franchise as well as over 30 nationwide commercials for companies like JCPenny's and Crest.

She has been dubbed “The Conscious Lifestylist” and specializes in helping women to unleash their authentic selves so that they can influence the world through soul-inspired missions.  Additionally, she has become a conscious influencer and spiritual thought leader to a community that she has built online and through social media.

Serah has attracted over 16,000 REAL ENGAGED connections on Instagram and knows quite a bit about building a tribe. In this interview, we will discuss her entrepreneurial journey as well as what it takes to be an influencer on social media. Listen in and enjoy.

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